Fabian Wenk

Professional details about me:
Senior BSD / Linux Systems Engineer

Some documentation and articles I wrote:
Mozilla Custom Sync Server Installation on FreeBSD (for version 1.1)
Schweizer ADSL mit PPPoA (und MTU 1500)
Swiss ADSL with PPPoA (and MTU 1500)
How to install NetBSD 2.0 BETA on a SGI O2

Some other IT related stuff from me:
Fail2ban filters
Fail2ban action with external script
Shell Scripts
Anrufe vom Windows Operating System Support (oder so)
Hackerfunk 067 - SSL (external link)

One of my free time projects:
home4u.ch - mail and web hosting for my friends and family

A few personal things:
Google Street View Links
Reto and Fabian in sunny California (local archive copy)

External links:
My Firefox Add-ons collection
My Thunderbird Add-ons collection

Contact: e-mail

Fabian Wenk last update 28-Jun-2022