Fabian Wenk

job-related details about me:
Senior BSD / Linux Systems Engineer

Some documentation and article I wrote:
Mozilla Custom Sync Server Installation on FreeBSD
Schweizer ADSL mit PPPoA (und MTU 1500)
Swiss ADSL with PPPoA (and MTU 1500)
How to install NetBSD 2.0 BETA on a SGI O2

Some other IT related stuff from me:
Fail2ban filters
Fail2ban action with external script
Shell Scripts
Anrufe vom Windows Operating System Support (oder so)
Hackerfunk 067 - SSL (external link)

One of my free time projects:
home4u.ch - mail and web hosting for my friends and family

A few personal things:
Google Street View Links
DVD Collection
Reto and Fabian in sunny California (local copy), original site (external link)

External links:
My Firefox Add-ons collection
My Thunderbird Add-ons collection

Contact: e-mail

Fabian Wenk last update 19-Sep-2019