Shell Scripts

Some of the shell (bash) scripts I have created for Nagios monitoring, routine system maintenance or sending reports by e-mail. I use them mostly on FreeBSD systems, but they should also be adaptable on Linux or any other Unix system. For feedback please send me an e-mail.

This scripts are free to use, but on your own risk!
  • The check_ scripts are checks for Nagios
  • The report- scripts are usually run from cron once a day (after log rotation) and will send a report to the e-mail address defined in the cron (see header of script for details).
  • The update- scripts are usually run from cron and update files from the Internet on the local system. They should only generate output and sending an e-mail on failure.
  • The scripts is usually run from cron and creates dumps from all databases (or only specified databases) from a MySQL / MariaDB server. It only generates output on failure.

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