Reto and Fabian in sunny California

What we have done and seen is put online here for all our friends and family who have to stay at home and go to work:
The pictures are very huge in size (around 100KB each), so you may have to scroll around to see the complete picture.

01-Oct-1999 Friday Flight from Zürich-Kloten to Los Angeles (via Milan)
02-Oct-1999 Saturday Checking out Venice Beach and Santa Monica 3rd Street Promanade
03-Oct-1999 Sunday Visiting Six Flags Magic Mountain Theme Park
04-Oct-1999 Monday Shopping, Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard and Hard Rock Cafe
05-Oct-1999 Tuesday Universal Studios Hollywood and Observatory at the Griffith Park
06-Oct-1999 Wednesday Moving from L.A. to San Diego
07-Oct-1999 Thursday Another shitty day in paradise
08-Oct-1999 Friday Trough the desert to Phoenix
09-Oct-1999 Saturday From Phoenix to Flagstaff
10-Oct-1999 Sunday The Grand Canyon
11-Oct-1999 Monday Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park
12-Oct-1999 Tuesday Slot maschine after slot maschine
13-Oct-1999 Wednesday The Death Valley
14-Oct-1999 Thursday The Yosemite National Park
15-Oct-1999 Friday San Francisco Friday Night Skate
16-Oct-1999 Saturday San Francisco
17-Oct-1999 Sunday San Francisco - sorry folks, no report today...
18-Oct-1999 Monday San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge
19-Oct-1999 Monday FreeBSD Conference 99
20-Oct-1999 Tuesday FreeBSD Conference 99
21-Oct-1999 Tuesday FreeBSD Conference 99
22-Oct-1999 Friday San Francisco - Alcatraz
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