13-Oct-1999 Wednesday

This morning we had it hard to get up because it was a long night in Las Vegas (the nights are just too short here ?!?).
We drove - once again - through the desert of Nevada and later California. For some time we drove with open windows (without A/C) at a speed of about 60 miles per hour and it was still cosy warm inside the car (it was almost 100 degrees Fahrenheit at the Death Valley Tourist Information Center!)
And as it has to be for a real desert, there are also sand dunes.

In the early afternoon we reached the Death Valley and a little bit later Badwater - the place with the lowest elevation (-282 feet) in the U.S. When you drive through the Death Valley, you can make a little detour and see the "Artists Palette" from where you have a fantastic view to colorful rocks and nice French girls :-)

In the late afternoon, we reached Indipendence, a little town where we will stay over night.

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