10-Oct-1999 Sunday

Today we drove north from Flagstaff in direction to the Grand Canyon. Actually we wanted to see the sunrise, but we would have to get up about 5 A.M. in order to be there by 6.30... it is just to early to get up during vacation :-)

When you get there it is just an astonishing view! The Grand Canyon is really BIG and it is very impressive to see the canyon which is about 1520 metres deep from the platform (we were on the south rim, which is about 7000 feet above sea level).

Toni Mair, our former geographics teacher, once told us that the canyon was made by the Colorado River - just kidding... but the people really think that it was that way (when you hear them talking). It is even written on a plate near a relief of the canyon in the tourist information center!

Because we missed the sunrise we stayed a little bit longer and watched the sunset, which is none the less very impressive when you can see the canyon changing its color.

After sunset we left the National Park and drove on north till Page where we will stay over night.

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