08-Oct-1999 Friday

This morning after taking a shower I (Fabian) turned on the TV, as it has to be for a real american. On HBO there was Titanic playing, so I watched a little bit, because when this movie was playing in the movie theatres in Switzerland I saw just about two thirds of it because of sound problems in the theatre. But I couldn't watch it to the end, because we had to leave to Phoenix.

We took the Interstate 8 in direction east. We crossed the border to Arizona at Yuma, from there we drove on on the Interstate 8 until Gila Bend where we took the 85 north to the Interstate 10 which goes directly to Phoenix. Here a graphical map from Yahoo.

After this long ride we stay again in a Motel 6 here in Phoenix. The most important thing to do after entering a new motel room is to test the TV. And there Titanic is playing again on HBO, so we can continue to watch it to the end. So I'll finally happen to know the end of this movie.

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