06-Oct-1999 Wednesday

After having some crappy breakfast we planned our route to San Diego, packed our stuff together (which is getting more and more daily) and went off to the Freeway in direction to San Diego.
On our way south we stopped at a view point. But the real attraction were the little squirrels. They would feed out of your hand as you can see on the previous picture.

At last, I (Reto) found a skate shop and I bought some inline skates - RIHA! I had to check them out at the Mission Bay Front Walk just after removing the brake and setting up the rockring!

Then, by chance, I met Reto Frei (Monday Night Skate) with his colleage Christian and later Adrian Fleisch. We had a marvellous dinner at the Firehouse restaurant and some drinks at the Blind Melons (where Coke is free and Long Island Ice Tea just five bucks!).

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