04-Oct-1999 Monday


Today was our shopping day as this picture proves!

After having breakfast we started our tour to Fox Hills mall but I (Reto) only bought some cables first, but then we found a JC Penney store where we bought lots of t-shirts and trousers...
Then we drove right to Hollywood where we looked at the 'stars' and the hand and footprints of some celebrities.

Later on we drove down the Sunset Blvd which passes Beverly Hills where the all the stars live. Not far apart is the famous Rodeo Drive - the most expensive shopping mile...

Then we went down the Sunset Blvd till we reached the Ocean. Thanks to the Santa Monica Place (the shopping mall) we had once more a free parking so we could go down to the Pier (have a look through the webcam) and take some wonderful shots of today's sunset. The Beach looks quite impressive from the Pier, doesn't it?

In the evening we went to the Hard Rock Cafe Los Angeles to have dinner. They also sold exclusively the new CD from Melissa Etheridge which is going to be released tomorrow...
Actually, we wanted to go to the Observatory, but the road is closed at night, so we came back to the motel to update the web page.

And on the end of this day I (Fabian) would like to say "thank you" to all of you who sent me good wishes for my birthday, now i feel really a year older. :-(( But when I see that everybody else is going to be older I am happy again and enjoy my birthday.

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