03-Oct-1999 Sunday

Today we visited Six Flags Magic Mountain which is located northern from L.A. and can be reached within 30 minutes by car via Interstate 5.

It is one of about twenty-five theme parks with a lot of rides and live attractions (such as the batman live show).
We spent the whole day in the park going from one ride to another - shaking our brain (and stomach).

Crazy as we are, we started with the Viper ride, one of the fastest roller-coasters! Because we survived this one, we strolled over to the others and had a lot of fun!

At about six o'clock we decided to go back to our motel and have some dinner somewhere in the city...
... now it is past 10 PM and we still had nothing to eat because we began with the design of this thrilling site - it is actually just to much work to be done during vacation, but this is for fun! (And it saves us from writing that much picture postcards :-))

So stay tuned, bookmark this site and come often to see the (regular?) changes!

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