02-Oct-1999 Saturday

After Breakfast we were looking for a new place to sleep, because this cheap and not so nice motel let us only use the phone with calling cards, so we couldn't go online for mail reading and surfing. We found a nice place just around the corner, with direct access to the 405 freeway (just across the street), fridge and a microwave. ;-)

The motel is located at the Sepulveda Boulevard near Washington Boulevard. As we got the key to our room, we had first to test our connect to the internet. It was running just fine in the first try. So we downloaded Winproxy which let us surf with both notebook at the same time.

As it got around noon we decided to go shopping a little bit for things we needed for travelling (Rand McNally Road Atlas). After that we went to the famous Venice Beach Ocean Front Walk, of course we met somebody (Harry Perry, see also at http://www.westland.net/venice/performers.htm) who seems to stay there since ever. We also saw some friends of Philipp Abderhalden at the Muscle Beach, but I think they have a much nicer place to practise.

Later on we went to the Santa Monica Place (shopping mall) and the 3rd Street Promonade in Santa Monica. We ate dinner at the Sizzler just down the street from our motel.

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